Deutsche Bank 96% + CTA Note

  • Limited Capacity

Our clients now have the opportunity to access Salus Alpha's proven CTA-expertise together with market leader Winton in a unique structured note underwritten by Deutsche Bank. Investors not only enjoy a 90% capital guarantee from day one and two guaranteed 3% annual coupons, but also a quarterly 80% profit lock-in from whatever Salus Alpha and Winton generate with their directional market strategies. Furthermore its daily dealing gives you or your clients the highest degree of liquidity.


10-15% return p.a. at 96% capital guarantee over 7 years, including   two 3% coupons in first two years




Top global, A+ rated, investment bank: Deutsche Bank

Investment Managers:

Leading global CTA manager Winton and highly rated Salus Alpha; low correlation of 0.3 to each other


€, £, US$, SEK, SGD

USP to similar products:

  1. Combination of two lowly correlated top CTA managers
  2. Quarterly lock-in of 80% of upside

Because this is a unique opportunity which is unlikely to arise again, we recommend that you contact PDL International to find out more:

+44 (0) 20 8731 5290

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